Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Junk Jive and a New Little Painting

Our family room is what we call our "lodge room", because it makes me feel like I'm in the north woods. We found this Farm Bureau sign with my husband's grandpa's name on it. I'm sure grandma thought it was destined for the "holler". It has a lot of meaning to us and works great in this rustic room on the barn siding walls.

This little beauty is a set of antlers converted to a hat rack. In the top right corner of this picture you can see a portion of our junky green oars that hang above the windows.
Below is an old tree with the branches chopped off that I put in a basket to use as another hat rack. My hubby has lots and lots of hats! A bow back saw placed beside the stone fireplace is another junk find from the farm.
This is my second in a series of four season "friendship" paintings and is available right now on eBay. The winter print and card is available on my Etsy shop .
More painting tips coming soon!


  1. Hi Catherine!
    Sorry I've been too busy to blog lately. Just stopped in to say hello to you. And yep, loving the new painting as usual!!!

  2. Hello Catherine,

    Very nice painting... again! :-)

    Is this still painted on 6"x6" canvas? I love the darker edge (which gives an "ancient" look, a bit like "it was buried under a lot of stuff somewhere in Grand-Ma's attic") and the lettering. Do you transfer the lettering first or do you paint it directly?

    I come here every other day to see if there's anything new. I just love what I see.

    La Rochelle, France

  3. Great rustic look in your family room! And I love the new painting. How cute it is!

  4. Good Morning, Catherine!

    J has his G'pa's buck saw. He spent a few days before surgery, decorating the garage with his tools and memorabilia. There are more things in his lodge. It's the room we spend the most time in.

    He's planning to use the buck saw to trim a tree, beside the house. He has a couple interesting things in the garage, I should blog about. Maybe I'll do a little quiz type blog, with them.

    It's so good to be home!

  5. I love your work! What kind of pie is it? :) I have worked with an artist where I interpret her work (in poems) and she interprets my poems as visual art.
    I'd love to do a house series! Imagine!

  6. Fabulous! Have a blessed Sunday!

    kari & kijsa

  7. I love the antlers on the wall with that in a house with 2 young boys and a hubby I feel your pain about all the hats.....
    Your house looks beautiful....nice and cozy....

  8. I just disovered your work on Etsy. I cant get it out of my mind!!! I feel as though I have dreamed of the beautiful places you are painting! I am just in LOVE with this quaint little place. I want to jump through the paintings and move in to one of the cottages! I am going to purchse both the Meet me at the garden gate and Hazy Summer Days cards and frame them to hang in my home. I live in a quaint little cottage with my husband, five little boys and our sweet dog Lady. Thank you so much for sharing your work with us! These paintings make me feel so happy and calm when I look at them! So beautiful. I would love for you to stop by my blog one day when you have time :)

    Thank you!

  9. Hi again! I added you to my blog list, I hope you dont mind! :)



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