Friday, October 28, 2011

Christmas at Ray's Diner Folk Art Painting

I've been wanting to do this painting for a couple years now and have had this vision of Ray's Diner as a 50's Christmas scene with the big bright lights from my childhood that we used to hang on the tree as well as outside.  I realize it's a little early for Christmas, but I just couldn't wait any longer.  

Established in 1932, Ray's Diner has served breakfast and lunch to locals and visitors who return year after year. The aroma of bacon and eggs cooking on a grill in front of the customers at the counter, lingers in the air causing stomachs to growl. Coffee is served while food is cooking and customers catch up on the local gossip or read the morning paper. Step back in time at this 50's diner famous for their burgers and chili.

When I finished the building, the painting looked a little blank so I added the old station wagon for a little more color.  I can just invision mom and dad in the front seat and the four of us kids in the back pushing and yelling, "Mom he's touching me!"  Life was grand in the 50's. 

I changed the sign on the door to "Ginger Bread".

The Daily Standard, our local paper is in the yellow newspaper stand.

When I was in high school we used to stop at Ray's before the Friday night football games for a hamburger and fries.  They still make one of the best burgers around!

You can bid on this painting on eBay by clicking here.
The auction ends next Friday evening.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Crochet and Knitting Projects

Lately I have a new addiction.  I can't sit still without having something in my hands to work on.  I've crocheted these colorful new pillows for our bed....

I'm learning a new stitch and making this mustard cowl (possibly a Christmas gift)...

I made two new cowls from a washable wool on our trip to Branson this week... (one for me and another possible gift)....

A knitted dish cloth from white, turquoise, and red cotton yarn and some crocheted scrubbies....

and I worked on this granny ripple afghan on our trip to Eureka Springs a few weeks ago....

where we spent the weekend with this fun group of young friends.  Our daughter and son in law were married in Eureka and we all returned to celebrate their anniversary.

I promise I'm still painting.  I should be finishing a large Christmas painting of a local establishment in our home town.  I'll share it soon. 
What projects are you working on?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Olivia's Orange Apron Cupcake Painting

Before my husband and I left this past weekend for a trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, I listed this painting on eBay:

Olivia works for her best friend Ruby at her Cupcakery. She designs and makes the aprons that they wear at work and also sells them to the customers. Between Ruby's famous cupcakes and Olivia's fashionable aprons the two have become quite the entrepreneurs in their small community. 

Olivia also loves French pedicures and Ruby's culinary creations!

This painting would be cute hanging side by side with:

Both paintings are available on eBay.

We had a fabulous time in Eureka Springs staying in a quaint log cabin and driving around looking at the beautiful scenery and colorful autumn leaves!  Now I have lots of catching up to do this week and new paintings to start. 
Are the leaves changing in your area yet?