Thursday, May 29, 2008

Little Cupcake Paintings

Here are a couple of new paintings that I listed on eBay . I can't seem to stop with the cupcake designs! I'll make this short and "sweet" since I need to get some rest for my last day of Bible School crafts. Sweet 'n Dreamy ends on Sunday evening.

This is my newest painting that I finished up today titled "Canterbury Cupcakes" .
In the quaint little village of Canterbury lives the sweetest lady, Clover, who makes the most delectable cupcakes for miles around. Her darling, shy husband, Clarence, laid each stone of this cottage with his labor worn hands. A stone mason by trade, Clarence lovingly dotes on his wife and brings her flowers once a week as he did before they were married 35 years ago. Clover in return has baked wonderful concoctions for her husband to sample before presenting them suitable for their customers. Her husband has put on a few pounds over the years due to his position as taste tester at the bakery; but she thinks he's just as handsome as ever.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Crackle Instructions

As promised here are the instructions for my "eggshell crackle" finish. I was going to show you step by step photos but the first two steps don't show up in a photograph and that leaves only one more step.

Step 1: Using Delta Ceramcoat "Step One" Fine Crackle Finish, apply with an old 3/4" brush like the one in the photograph. Don't use a sponge brush because it will foam up and get bubbles in the finish. Apply an even coat over your painted picture. You can also crackle paper. The thicker the coat, the larger the cracks. You'll want to practice with this on a scrap piece first to find out how thick to put it on. Too light a coat and believe me, you won't be able to see the crackling. Too heavy a coat, and you'll have large cracks.

Step 2: When step one is dry (about 15-20 minutes) apply "Step Two" Fine Crackle Finish using your 3/4" brush. Apply like you would varnish. As step two dries you will begin to see the finish crackle. Let dry overnight.

Step 3: Apply Delta Ceramcoat Brown Antiquing Gel with a sponge brush or your 3/4" brush. Using a cotton cloth immediately wipe off the excess until you get the look you want. If you remove too much, reapply and try again. Allow to dry for one hour before varnishing.

I've tried several other brands of crackle medium and this is my favorite. Remember that "Step One" is the key to the overall outcome. So apply a even somewhat heavy coat. It's also easier if your first project is small. If you can't find these products, let me know.
You will have to click on the next two photos for a closer view to see the crackling. For larger furniture pieces like this I use the same products, but use a 4" Purdy trim brush. You have to work rather quickly on large pieces when applying step one.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Eggshell Crackled Paintings

I'm teaching "crafts" in Bible School this week so, my posts will be a little short.

I've had a few people ask me lately about my eggshell crackle finish. Below I've posted several photos of paintings that I've applied this finished to. My next post will include the instructions.
Here are a few samples. You may want to click on the photos for a closer view.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day

Tomorrow we want to remember those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. God Bless all the men and women who fight for our country each and every day. God Bless their families and the sacrifices they make. Lord wrap your loving arms of protection around each and everyone of them.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Coralbelle Cottage

Yeah David Cook!! Kansas City's winner!!
Just a quick post to let you know that this little painting, Coralbelle Cottage, was listed on eBay this evening for those of you who love the color pink.

Kim and her family live in a quaint little cottage in the country. She painted the house a pale pink and planted pink roses everywhere. Her husband and three strapping sons don't mind because she's the best cook for miles around and is a gentle, loving woman.Who can find virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies. Proverbs 31:10 is painted on the border.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hickory Grove Folk Art Painting

I listed this new 9 inch x 12 inch painting on eBay this evening. This one was inspired by Tracey over at one of my favorite blogs, Notes From a Cottage Industry . She makes the most beautiful cupcakes ever. You must check out her archives to see all the creative cupcakes and decorating ideas. So, the little cupcake shop in this painting is dedicated to her new "cupcake" business.

This morning is the grand opening for Myra's Cottage Cupcakes. Her friend Vivian who owns her own salon, Clip 'n Curl, encouraged her to open her own shop after savoring her cupcake creations. Myra offers cupcakes in all shapes and sizes for all occasions. Vivian thinks that her dearest friend's talent will be a huge success in Hickory Grove!

In The Garden...

I love early mornings in my garden. I'm an impatient gardener though, watching for any signs of new growth each morning. It's like watching a clock tick. I just can't seem to help myself.
Every morning new little violas pop up in different places. They have reseeded all over the place and I just love their tiny little petals.
The heady scent of lilacs wecomes you as you enter the gate.
Yellow columbine has popped up in my garden. Where did my purple ones go? Did it actually change colors? These surprizes just amaze me.
Iris stand up proud and tall in front of the lilac bush.
Dianthus line the walkway and lead you through the gate.
I will have a new painting listed on eBay this evening and will share it with my blogging family tomorrow. Also, Teresa, I just wanted to let you know that I will have a little demo on how I do my tiny crackle on my paintings soon. So, keep watching.

Up and running again...

I need to apologize to my daily readers for my absence lately. A while back my monitor went out on my computer. I've been using my son's monitor for a while as a back up while he was in school. Then he moved into an apartment and wanted to take his computer with him and there went my monitor again. I was then challenged with using a very old tiny ancient monitor and my eyes just couldn't see to do the work.

Last night my husband helped me pick out this amazing new monitor that even my eyes (I wear tri-focals due to hours and hours of painting) can see. Isn't that little note on my old monitor cute? My husband loves to leave me little notes.

So I'm up and running once again. Patrick, I just wanted to let you know not to worry about the shadows in that last painting. I sometimes do that when there is space that needs to be filled. That's why I love folk art. There are no rules. I just do what is pleasing to my eyes. Have fun with it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Daisy Mae and Betty Lou Painting

I needed something fun to paint and this is what came to mind. I listed this little painting on eBay this evening. Daisy Mae and Betty Lou always take an evening walk. Telling Daisy as they stroll, how she was named after the wild flowers that grow in the fields surrounding their home, helps to ease her fear of the dark.

This past Saturday we celebrated Mother's Day at our house as well as my mother's and sister's birthdays. My daughter, Amber, surprized us and made each of us the cutest dolls. If you click on the picture to see a larger view, you will be able to see the names of the dolls on the little tags and a little info about each one. She has just started sewing and is doing a wonderful job. She would love to start her own little business soon. Her company is going to be called "Hoot 'n Annie". Isn't that just adorable!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderfully, sweet, adorable ladies out there! I'm sure you are adored by your families and will be spending some time this weekend celebrating.

I would like to thank all my blog readers who have left such heart warming "well wishes" for my father in law and grandmother. Your kindness is so appreciated!

Below is a question from Patrick in France that I would like to answer before I forget:

Is this still painted on 6"x6" canvas? I love the darker edge (which gives an "ancient" look, a bit like "it was buried under a lot of stuff somewhere in Grand-Ma's attic") and the lettering. Do you transfer the lettering first or do you paint it directly?

Yes Patrick this is painted on a 6 inch square canvas and you can view it on my eBay auctions. I shaded the edges to make it appear aged. I will someday go into a little bit more about how to shade on my blog, so keep watching. I type my verse on my computer and print it to the size I want. I then tape it to my painting and trace it on with white graphite paper. Then I use a 10/0 flat to paint the lettering. The strokes are similar to calligraphy with a wide nib pen. Sometimes I just write the lettering with my watercolor pencil on the canvas and then paint it. Thanks for stopping by Patrick and it's always great to have a new reader.

Irene asked this: I love your work! What kind of pie is it? Irene, it was an apple pie in my mind when I was doing the painting.

Today I got a surprize from Courtney at Nesting Instincts. She's mentioned me and my paintings on her blog with links to my Etsy Store. Please stop by her blog and let her know I sent you. You'll get some great tips for feathering you nest and much more!

I will try to get caught up visiting with everyone soon!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm back.......

My husband and I have had an extremely stressful week. We were called away for two emergency situations on the same day. First Grandmas Chickie, who is 97, fell outside her house watering her flowers and broke her hip. She had hip replacement surgery since she broke the ball in the socket and so far is doing very well. When I found out from her daughter that they were taking her to the hospital I called my father in law to inform him about his mother and couldn't get him all day. This immediately set the alarms off in my head and I started calling neighbors of his since he lives 4 hours away. He was found at his house, very sick, by a friend and took an ambulance ride to the hospital. It's very difficult to split yourself between two hospitals four hours apart all in the same day. So, we went to stay with his father at the Branson hospital while other family members stayed with grandma. He was diagnosed with Viral Meningitis and was in the hospital for 5 days. We returned last night and I've been busy filling orders and trying to get caught up. He's doing fine now but is very tired.
Before I left I had listed this 9 inch x 12 inch painting on eBay and it ends tomorrow night.

Andy and Jane are neighbors. The love it when the weather gets warm and they can stay out late to catch fireflies. Andy thinks that Jane is showing off just a bit with her one handed catch. She caught her first one before he even got his net in the air.

This is how the painting looks when I first start. I like my paint to be smooth so that when I shade, it looks very soft. It's easier to get a smooth finish by loading your brush correctly. Always load a flat brush from the edge of the puddle and press the brush down as you pull out from the paint. I usually dip just the corner of my brush into the water before loading it with paint. This thins the paint slightly and allows it to spread easier. If you put to much paint on your brush you will have lots of ridges and you want to avoid those as much as possible. Give it a try!