Friday, August 28, 2009

Fresh Peaches and Apples from the Market

My dear friend, Winnie, and I went to Peter's Market and got some beautiful peaches. I've been wanting to freeze some because I have an empty freezer and need something to put in it. It takes a lot of energy to run a large freezer empty, so Winnie and I have decided to enjoy the produce available this fall and share the freezer.
I filled a large pot with water and set it to high. Once the water was boiling I dropped in some peaches and left them for 30 seconds.
I transfered them to ice water and the skins then peel right off.
Slice them and add 1/4 teasp. of Fruit Fresh to 1/4 cup of water and pour over the peaches. Then add 2/3 cup of sugar and stir. I then placed them in quart size freezer bags and ended up with 11 quarts of peaches. Alright, I would have had an even dozen quarts if I hadn't eaten a few that just didn't seem up to par!
I also got a few gala apples.....(looks like hubby ate a few)
and made this: (Recipe is in the new Midwest Living magazine.

My mother is in the hospital and I will be taking a break for a while. She had a total knee replacement on Tuesday and that's why I haven't posted lately. She'll need lots of help and prayers for a quick recovery so I'm off to do both! Hugs to you all and enjoys the scents and beauty of the approaching autumn season!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Celebration and Halloween Pumpkin Cupcake Paintings

I quickly whipped up two new cupcake paintings this week and listed them on eBay.
A Halloween Pumpkin Spice cupcake is decorated with cream cheese frosting and black and orange sprinkles. This Halloween theme continues with the polka dot paper liner and the smiling pumpkin on top. A little "Boo" tag is painted on the paper liner and a black and white checked bow is glued above it. A black and white dotted satin ribbon is wrapped around the edges of the canvas.

I realize that it may seem a bit early for Halloween projects, but they sell quickly and if I don't start them early I won't get enough of them finished.

"Celebration Cupcake"

A rich dark chocolate cupcake is slathered with butter cream frosting and decorated with red sprinkles. This red and white theme continues with the polka dot paper liner and the striped candle. This painting is great for any type of celebration, especially birthdays. A red and white dotted grosgrain ribbon is wrapped around the edges of the canvas and tied in a bow at the top.

I feel a sweet binge coming on!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Daughter's First Giveaway and a New Family Member

My daughter, Amber, is having her first blog giveaway. So, rush right on over to Hoot-n-Annie to sign up for her headband giveaway because it ends tonight!

Below are a few samples of her bows:

This sweet little girl, Jersey, came into our family right before we lost our cat, Callie. She is helping to heal our hearts. Grandma Chickie, Rick's Grandmother, lost her dog a few months ago and wanted us to look for another one for her. We had been visiting Petsmart on the weekends where shelters have pet adoptions. This little dog latched onto me and it's been "love" ever since. She is the huggiest dog I've ever seen. We did get a dog for grandma which I will share in another post.

Don't you just love her markings!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My First Autumn Painting of the Year

"Pumpkin Harvest Time in Mapleton"
Here it is, my first autumn painting of the year. I listed it on eBay this evening. You can check it out here.

Pumpkin harvest time has arrived in Mapleton. After a long day of gathering pumpkins and arranging autumn displays in the barn for the first day of the annual "Fall Festival", the Greenway family has retired early. They will rise at the crack of dawn to meet their first customers with freshly baked pies, breads, muffins, cookies, and their specialty "pumpkin donuts". The scent of freshly brewed coffee and warm apple cider will greet the customers as they browse among the pumpkins looking for the perfect specimen.

I realize that it's not a good idea to rush the seasons, but I'm always ready for the next one a month or two before it's time. I love the scent in the air, the crunch of the leaves beneath my feet, and the food!!!!!! Oh the wonderful food that cooler weather brings with it. Soups, baked goodies, pumpkin anything........... Sorry I'm drooling on my keyboard. I'm ready to start another autumn or winter painting to stay in the zone!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The End of Summer is Near

It's the first week of August and we've had such wonderful weather this year. We've had plenty of rain, sunshine, and beautiful flowers. Still, I've had some flowers that I just couldn't get to work in the area where I planted them. I love neat gardens and just had to yank out the offenders who wouldn't behave. In the garden below I simply pulled out the flowers and added garden chairs with pillows to fill in the blank space.
This looks like a great spot to read a good book.
On the deck bench I've added extra pillows to grab when needed. The turquoise tub was a Walmart special that I can also use for ice and pop. The "Floppy Flier" frisby is handy for when the dogs want to play and my garden crocs are ready to grab when I water the flowers. I just love these little rose like pink begonias! Click photos for a closer view.
If you need something quick and different to fix for a snack, (I served these at Amber and Scott's wedding reception) may I sugget getting a jar of these absolutely fabulous "Candied Jalapenos". They come from Campbell Gardens in Kansas. Click here to visit their website. A few years ago we were at The Maple Leaf Festival in Baldwin, KS and came across their booth.

Put some whipped cream cheese in a frosting bag with a star tip or in a ziploc bag with the corner cut off. Squeeze a small dollop into the center of some Tostitos Scoops and top with a 1/4 of a slice of a pepper. I cut the slices with some kitchen shears. A jar of these peppers lasts a long time because you're only using a small piece on each scoop. They have a touch of sweetness that cools down the jalapeno. These were a big hit!

With summer soon coming to an end, I've started painting fall scenes now. This one should be finished today.

I want to thank all of my dear blog readers for your sweet comments on the previous post about our cat, Callie. Your sincere concern is much appreciated!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our Angel

Our hearts are filled with sadness, but you'll live in our hearts forever Callie.
Callie and Bailey

Begging to go outside

We'll miss your cute face at the dinner table each night. Callie always sat in the 4th chair, laying her sweet face on the table to watch us eat.

Love you baby!