Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Buttercup Manor Folk Art Painting

This little 6 inch x 6 inch painting, Buttercup Manor was listed on eBay this evening. Rose from Classic Charm was one of my 2nd place winners in my name that painting giveaway and will be getting a card of this design. I also used her name in the following little story about the painting.

Rose and her lovely family live in Buttercup Manor just around the bend past town. Buttercups are Rose's favorite flower and she plants then in abundance. These sweet little yellow flowers present a problem for their dog Bandit. He can never remember where he's buried his bone and is always digging and searching causing much havoc in Rose's beautiful flower beds.

I've also listed these new blank cards on eBay this evening. Many new cards have been added to my Esty store as well.

I've mentioned before that these cards would be great framed, but today while I was working on the above 6" x 6" painting, I realized that these cards fit perfectly on my little canvas. You could paint the canvas black or leave them white. Use a little tape from a tape runner or glue to the canvas. If you can't afford an original, this is a more afordable version.

Please excuse my disgustingly dirty paint table.

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  1. Catherine,
    HAAA, I LOVE IT! Boy what a perfect way to start my day! Thank you!
    PS, needing your advice on my paint project, stop on over.


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