Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Notecard Sets and Another Junk Idea

I spent the day with my beautiful daughter, Amber, yesterday helping her hang pictures in her apartment and arrange her crafting area. Since I took the day off from painting, I don't have anything new to share except these new cards that I've listed on eBay .

I got the idea for this nightlight from the Junk Market book. I just wired a little nightlight to the back curved side of this grater. I was making it for the kitchen, but when you live in an old house outlets aren't always where you'd like them to be. Mine are too close to the bottom of my cabinets and the handle on this grater wouldn't fit under the cabinet. So, I have a cheese grater in my bathroom! This picture doesn't do it justice. The light really shines neatly through the holes in the grater.

This isn't really a junk idea, but remember, anything can become a chalkboard. This is the door (in my kitchen) leading to my scary basement. All you need is some chalkboard paint and a brush.


  1. I'm coming over for dinner if the menu follows the one on your adorable chalk board door! I love that idea. I am in the process of creating a chalkboard too...I think we might be

  2. Catherine,
    I'm loving your basement door, and yum the menu sounds so good! Headed that way now.


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