Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Pumpkin Cupcake With Brown Butter Frosting Painting

Hot off my paint table, is this little 4" x 4" cupcake painting that I listed on eBay.

Fall is in the air as well as the aroma of a freshly baked pumpkin cupcake. This autumn delight is topped with brown butter frosting and tucked into a polka dot cupcake liner.

Our son posts funny little comments on Facebook each day and this one really got me tickled yesterday:
"I can't believe how nonchalant the gas station clerk seemed when she told me that, in just a few days, the streets are going to be filled with tiny, little ghosts and goblins."

I've spent part of my day making treats for the little goblin guests that will be visiting tomorrow night.  I only hand out these handmade treats to children that I know personally.  Sorry, but all remaining ghosts and goblins get prepackaged treats. 
Are you making special treats for Halloween?

Catherine Holman

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Giveaway and Halloween on Pumpkin Hill Folk Art Painting

Run, don't walk, over to a Haven For Vee.   My blogging friend, Vee, is celebrating her 1500th post and giving away your choice of a print from my Etsy store.  She will be drawing a name on Sunday evening.  But wait, before you go, check out my new painting that I'm listing on eBay this evening.

Much to Mildred's surprise, when she threw her pumpkin seeds out on the ground after carving her jack o lanterns the previous Halloween, this years crop were a lovely shade of creamy white. Her neighbor, Hannah, watched longing for her pumpkins to sparkle in the moonlight, but hers came back the usual shade of autumn orange. The two neighbors decided to share their harvest as well as their friendship.

This painting makes a great companion to my print "Pumpkin Valley".

Happy Autumn!

Catherine Holman

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Come and Join Me For Front Row Seats at Wingate Place

It's finished!!  I just listed my new painting on eBay:

A few things were added since the last post and a few things were cleaned up. 
We should play that game where you try to circle all the things that are different.  There really aren't that many though.  I did add some white pumpkins to the top of each post on the fence. 

"Front Row Seats at Wingate Place"

Sitting on the porch at Paulette and Don's home, guests get a front row seat to the most amazing show around and it's in color (blazing vibrant color). The rockers are more comfortable than theatre seating. Home baked goodies made by Paulette are better than buttered popcorn. For those popcorn enthusiasts, popcorn balls are sitting on a platter in the kitchen as well. Blankets are at the ready for those who are chilly. You don't have to be quiet or whisper. In fact conversation goes well with after dinner coffee or spiced cider. Turning off your cell phones is encouraged though or you might get one of Paulettes stares (you know the ones your mother used to give you).

I always paint my originals on 1 1/2 inch deep, staple free canvas.

The scene wraps around the edges on all four sides.

I've been thinking about changing to a regular 3/4" canvas that would fit into a frame.  I don't know if people prefer to frame paintings or not to frame them.  What do you think?

Catherine Holman

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Still Finishing my Autumn Folk Art Painting

Remember when I showed you the beginning of my new painting?
I started with the sky and lots of clouds...

The ground area was painted and then the house was started....

A light comes on in a window and details are started on the house...

The house is completed and ready for landscaping.....

Here is where the painting is at now as I take a break to watch tonight's debate......

Touch up, fine details, and cleanup to come...

I will finish this week, list my painting on Ebay, and share the final painting here.

By the way, this house is from Long Island and I believe that's where the debate is tonight. 

Catherine Holman

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Painting House Details On Folk Art Scene

Today I finished the first floor of the house adding curtains in the windows, rockers on the porch as well as the porch railings.  Bushes and a sidewalk were also painted and pumpkins and autumn leaves will be added once the surrounding area of the landscape is painted.

Below are more autumn prints that are available in my Etsy store at 15% off when you use the code BLOGREADER11 at checkout.  I would love it if you would subscribe to my blog in the righthand column on Linky or Google Friend Connect, but it's not necessary.  Just use the discount code and you will get a discount on your entire purchase each time you visit my store.

 I'll be back with more details added to the new autumn folk art painting.  I also need to start thinking of a title and if anyone has any ideas, please share in the comment section.  Hope you are having some wonderful fall weather wherever you are!

Catherine Holman