Friday, August 16, 2013

On House Cleaning......

This is a message my son, Eric, put on Facebook and this is how I feel about housework:

I thought Endust was supposed to be a one-time-use product, 
but it doesn’t really, you know, “end dust.”

It really should be a one time deal.  What do you think and is dusting your least favorite chore?

I'm busy cleaning though I wish I were painting.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Echoes of Trick or Treat / A Halloween Painting

Well, I'm ready for Halloween, how about you?  Just kidding.  I'm not carving my pumpkins just yet.  This painting was such a delight to paint from the two girls dressed as a lady bug and bumble bee to the cats perched on top of the arched hedge between the two lower houses.   I adapted this painting from a smaller one I had done years ago and just kept adding and adding.  I will put this  painting on eBay when we get a little closer to fall.

Echoes of trick or treat resound through the night as costumed children squeal with delight!

"Echoes of Trick or Treat"