Friday, April 25, 2008

Crocks and a New Painting

The above painting, "Spring Hill Haven", is now listed on my eBay auctions.
Lester Gene and Lavetta discussed over a breakfast of tea and scones the possibility of joining the village garden club. This was their first year in their new home. They recently retired, downsized, and decided to start gardening once they settled into their new little cottage. Their favorite color is red, but they think they need a little help with coordinating other colors into their plan.
In the past few posts I've been discussing what some people consider "junk", when these crocks came to mind. Grandma Chickie called us one day and asked up if we would clean out her shed. This is the shed where all the butchering went on each year and while cleaning it out we came across several old crocks full of lard. Most of them were Red Wing and a few don't have names on them, but do have the numbers. Now, since they had been outside for years, most of them did have cracks , but I really didn't mind. I was just amazed that these beauties were still there. My husband and I had to want them pretty bad to clean that old stinky, rank, years old lard out of them! But, to Grandma, these were just old junk and she wanted that shed cleaned out. I'm glad she called us! We found about 8 or 10 of these wonderful pieces of junk! I have them everywere and they are very functional. The crock in the above photo is used for an end table with a glass top on it.
The crock with the fairy on it, I'm sure you've seen many times in my previous posts.
I'm not sure what brand this crock is, but it doesn't have any cracks. This holds the cat's toys which they really don't want.
And this crock is used to hold dog toys that seem to get scattered all over the house. This cabinet which can be seen here , was also considered junk and came from the same shed. I have one in my paint studio to hold rolls of floorcloth, rolls of paper, mailing tubes, etc. There are two by the fireplace in the lodge room that hold wood and newspaper. I also have one in my living room that hold afghans for those cold winter evenings while watching t.v. There is also one in the kitchen that sometimes we use to hide wet shoes when we come it from outside.


  1. I love old crocks! My mother has huge crocks that were her grandmother' them, they were just function containers, but now they are like folk art! I've been wanting some myself...

    I love your new painting! The house is beautiful and bright :)

  2. Those crocks are great! I need some in my studio...maybe I'd be a little not. Great idea though. Enjoyed your blog today. Love, Wyanne

  3. What wonderful treasures! I love the way that you found such great uses for them.

    Have a lovely weekend!


  4. I love those old crocks, Catherine. We have a few here, as well. A little worse for wear or much loved, however we describe them. They have a multitude of uses!


  5. Love the new painting, Catherine. The crocks are great and you've given me some new ideas how to use mine! I love old things like that.


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