Monday, March 31, 2014

Mother and Daughter Quilting Day

Last week my daughter, Amber, and I made trip up to Missouri Star Quilt CO. in Hamilton, MO.  This was her first trip there and she is now addicted to quilting.  We spent the day working our our quilts Sunday afternoon and she finished her quilt top all except for the borders.  We were doing this in the middle of our dining room since I don't have a sewing room.

This is the Jelly Roll Race 2 and you can find the link for the directions at the bottom of this post.

I spent the day binding my quilt with a black and white stripe that looks like checks after I sewed it on.

My next sewing project will be to replace this old worn out apron that was Grandma Edna's.  The last time I washed it, it had a big hole in the center.

I love this style of apron and the old retro fabric.

This is the fabric I'll be using:

I will also be trying to do a time lapse video of me working on a painting this week.  Wish me luck!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bee Sweet Cupcake Painting

I've done it again!  I painted this sweet little design to get a better image for prints and have listed it in my Etsy shop.  It's painted on an  8 1/2" x 8 1/2" sheet of watercolor paper and does not come framed.  Everyone has different tastes in matting and framing, so I'll leave that up to the person who buys it.

"Bee sweet and have a great week!"

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ladybug Cupcake Painting and Copyright Problems

This week I decided to paint this cupcake again so that I could get a better image of it for prints.  It is now available in my Etsy Shop.  This is painted on watercolor paper instead of a canvas so that I could scan it quickly for an order.  It would be great framed and matted.  I'm selling the painting only with no framing.

This week I found out by searching for the address of a few of my images on google that several people have been stealing my images especially the one from this post, Making a Reflection Image in Photoshop, and using them on their websites and blogs.  Some have even gone so far to put them on free clipart websites.  These websites have no contact information on them so that I can contact them and ask them to stop.  Therefore, I'm  asking if you see someone using my artwork out there would you please contact me?  Some of it is legal because I do license my artwork, but most of it is not.
You can find out who is using your artwork if you click an image on your blog and copy the address into a google search and you can see where it's being used.  This was not a pleasant surprise.  I've been going back and making sure that my images have my copyright on the image even though it states on my blog that are my images are copyrighted.    I'll stop my complaining and get back to painting.
Thanks for your help!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spiced Apple Cupcake Painting

I just finished painting this sweet little cupcake and forgot how much I enjoyed painting on top of the recipes.  I haven't done one like this in a while and hope you enjoy it too!  It's now listed in my Etsy Shop.

A spiced apple cupcake topped with maple butter cream frosting is painted on top of a little recipe that is decoupaged onto a cute 4inch square canvas. The 1 1/2 inch edges are painted beige and a sweet black and beige ruler ribbon is wrapped around the edges and tied in a bow at the top and there is no need for framing.  

I found this great ribbon on Etsy a while back and forgot that I had it.  

It's been in the 70's here for the last couple days, but is supposed to snow tonight.  Is your weather as crazy as ours?