Thursday, June 20, 2024

Original Folk Art Painting Thimbles 'n Threads by Catherine Holman

In the last couple years my new hobby, quilting, has become a big part of my life.  I won't say I'm that great at it, but I do love it!  I also love that my daughter, Amber, and daughter in law, Bonnie love to come over and sew with me.  We are learning together.  I wish my mother was still here to join us and give us some tips.  She was a great seamstress making wedding and prom gowns for women in our area.   She also worked in a sewing factory locally in our small town.  My mother made all my clothes when I was little too.  There's just something about sewing the brings up so many fond memories.   

With all that being said, I just finished this 8" x 10" painting and have listed it in my Etsy Shop.

Emily who has been sewing since she was 10 has finally opened her new quilt shop, Thimbles 'n Threads. Her grandma, Kate, taught her how to sew. Each and every stitch brings back so many wonderful memories of her grandma guiding her through every stage of making her first quilt. The shop cat, Cleo, greets the customers from her perch in the window as they come through the door.

This painting can be personalized with your first name painted on the black sewing machine sign between the two windows.

Now I'm off to work on a new quilt!

Monday, April 22, 2024

New Faithful Folk Art Painting

I just listed this little 5" x 7" painting in my Etsy Store.  You can check it out here.

As the stars and the moon shine down on Esther and Phillip’s cottage they are filled with memories of their wedding night 25 years ago. It was an evening just like this when they took their vows to each other and to God. They have put Him first in their marriage and have been blessed more than they could ever imagine. Being faithful to God and each other is the secret to a long and wonderful marriage.

Hoping you all are having a wonderful Spring!  I'm ready to starting putting out my plants after Mother's Day.  Flower gardening is my favorite thing to do next to painting!

Monday, March 4, 2024

New Original Painting, Thelma's Pies

I just finished this little 4" x 4" painting and have listed it in my Etsy Store.

Thelma Lynn got up early and has been making pies at her shop all morning. She started out the morning rolling out the crusts and lining the pans preparing them for the filling. Soon villagers will be stopping by to pick up orders and others will straggle in for a piece of pie and coffee. Her cat Ellen greets each visitor with a little purr. If she’s lucky she’ll get a little scratch on her head before they enter.

I love these little 4" x 4" canvas' because they are 1 1/2" deep and there is no need for framing.  They look great sitting on a shelf or hanging and the scene wraps around the edges.

I've been busy baking, painting, and trying to decide what flowers I'm planting this year.  We've had some pretty great weather in the 70's, but one day we got to experience spring, summer, and winter all within 24 hours.  We had 77 during the day and by late afternoon it started dropping quickly and we got freezing rain and snow before I went to bed.  Crazy weather here in the midwest!


Wednesday, February 7, 2024

New Folk Art Painting, Sweet Pea Cottage

 This week I finished and sold this little 6" x 6" painting.  I'm not sure how much longer I can paint on these tiny canvas. I have a little 4" x 4" that I need to get started on too.  I'm going to give that a try!  I used to do these all the time.  I think it's a good way to get me motivated for a much larger painting.
I have a dream in my head of the old Flander's department store in our home town from years ago.  They had huge display windows that I'm wanting to do like the old Christmas displays from years ago.

Prints are now available in my Etsy store in two sizes. 

Helen and Clifford turned Sweet Pea Cottage into their own cozy sanctuary. Helen learned to garden and she created a place to dream and relax surrounded by beauty and fragrance. Clifford is always helping, carrying the heavy bags of mulch, soil, and rocks. They’ve made beautiful memories in their sweet cottage while raising their children and now they have time to sit back and relax in their garden. Reading and napping is on their schedule for today.