Thursday, October 8, 2009

Autumn Spice Cupcake Painting

Today for the first time since August 25th, when my mother had surgery, I finally picked up a paint brush.  I finished this little cupcake painting and listed it on eBay this evening.

Leaves fall like snow inside this glass cloche covering a spice cupcake with caramel frosting. A tiny black and white checked ribbon is glued below the glass knob on the cloche. This tempting dessert is displayed on a decorative black cupcake stand. Tiny orange jewels hang off the edge of the stand adding a touch of sparkle. A black and white dotted satin ribbon is wrapped around the edges of the canvas.

It fell so good to be creative again.  I don't think I'll be doing as many originals as I did before until my mother is finished with her therapy, so I apologize if the next one takes a while.   Taking care of my family comes first and I'm really enjoying spending so much time with my mother.