Thursday, April 17, 2008

and More Junk Jive

We have a winner! Paula, Miss Anonymous, said the item was used to weigh eggs and she is correct. It is an egg scale. I've decided to add another winner just because of pure creativity. Here is what Miss Sandy from Quill Cottage had to say:
Paula is probably right but I want to guess too! I think it is part of a contraption used in a flea circus act. The acrobat stands on the flat end while the other end is suddenly pushed down and the tiny acrobat goes flying and flipping through the air to land in your dogs hair!
How creative is that!
Well here is a little more junk to share with you. The bowls above my cabinet came from? Yes, that's right, grandma chickie's farm. Once again she thought they were trash. They have several chips on them and one is cracked, but from high on top of the cabinets, who can tell.
This isn't the best photo in the world because it shows the lovely condition of my old cabinets, but I just had to share my hubby's ingenious idea. When we moved into this old house I remembered that a previous owner had her husband put this section into the cabinets to store her cookie sheets. I have a large dog and two cats and didn't think this would be a very sanitary place to store mine. I would end up having to wash them before using them each time I'm sure. It just so happened that he, my hubby, had these drainage tiles that fit in this area perfectly to store wine.


  1. Boy oh Boy! Go away to Italy for 10 days and miss out on all of the fun! I love your junque! All of it. I missed so many posts of yours, it has been fun catching up. I love the creative wine rack! It is just perfect. Speaking of perfect. I received my gorgeous card from you yesterday. Thank you sooooo much! Have a great weekend my friend!

  2. Catherine,
    I am just getting to answering my emails and I popped over to say thank you and you are too generous and kind and it is totally not necessary. I just like to have fun with the crazy things my brain thinks at times. I love the wine storage idea!

  3. Found you at Quill Cottage. So glad I did.

    Karen Eileen


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