Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Bathroom Off the Kitchen

Yes, we have one.  The dreaded bathroom off the kitchen.  You know the one that everyone complains about on HGTV's show, House Hunters.  "Who would put a bathroom so close to the kitchen or dining area", the young couple remark as they shiver and walk away.  Well we live in an old house and one of the prior owners put a small bath downstairs in the only location that would work and it has never been a problem or disgusting to us.  It's been a blessing for us to simply have a bathroom downstairs.  I also don't have granite countertops and yes mine are old pink laminate. If you want to see that shocking horror story, you can witness it by visiting a previous post, "Living With Pink Countertops".  

Now on to this past week's horror story:
I was busy cleaning and dusting right before Easter.  As usual, I was trying to hurry and get as much done as possible.  While dusting my old china tea cups I dropped one of the saucers and smashed it to pieces.  I remained calm and cleaned up the mess.  Being proud of the way I handled that situation, I continued on.  The tiny "bathroom off the kitchen"  needed clean hand towels and the only place to store them is on top of the metal medicine cabinet.  While reaching up to grab one,  I accidentally knocked off an old antique medicine bottle which of course landed right on top of the pedestal sink below.  Now we had two drains and one of them was plenty and I had broken two items within a very short amount of time and everyone knows that these things generally happen in threes.

In my defense, there has always been a hairline crack running through the sink since the day we bought the house and that bottle knew it's target.  There were only a couple days remaining before family arrived for Easter dinner and I knew we were in a pickle.

My husband, Rick, remained very calm and asked me to please stop for the day.  We ran to Lowe's the next evening and picked out a new sink and he spent several hours the next night (until 2:00am) with his body crammed in that tiny area between the sink and the wall hooking the new sink up.  It was a great lesson in "patience" for him and he earned a neck rub as his reward.

I like this one so much better than the old one.  Don't you?  
Wander if I can drop something on those pink countertops!  Remember it comes in threes and the third one hasn't happened yet.

Friday, April 11, 2014

A New Spring Apron

I finished my apron last week and completely forgot to photograph how I used grandma's old apron as a pattern.  Basically I just folded her apron along the seam lines and laid it on my new fabric and cut it out.  Her apron had darts, but mine doesn't and it really doesn't fit any differently.

I asked Amber to model it for me because I do dislike having my picture taken.  It's a little hard to wear an apron with a cowl.

I thought spring would never get here.  Yesterday I woke up to this weeping cherry tree in bloom when just the day before it was covered in buds.  It's always the first thing to bloom and reminds me of fireworks!  

Let's take a closer look.  See that nest in the center?  I'll be keeping my eyes on that.  

Spring is my favorite time of year in the garden.  I have so much to tend to and need to get out and get those leaves out of the beds.  How is your spring so far?