Monday, April 28, 2008

The Great Escape

When the weather warms up my dog, Annie, like the rest of us, wants to stay outside. The problem is that during the winter she developes some bad habits that are hard to break once spring arrives. In the winter when the plants are gone she walks through the flower beds and once spring arrives, before the flowers have gotten to their full heighth, she still wants to walk through the flower beds. So, if I'm not outside and she won't come in, I put her in her kennel so she can enjoy the sunshine. Believe it or not, she loves her kennel. She goes inside it the minute I say "kennel up". Yesterday when I put her in the kennel, a few moments later she was at the back door. I looked at the kennel and the gate was shut. I put her back in the kennel 6 times and then decided to get my camera and go upstair for a better view where she couldn't see me.

Here's what I saw. The fencing had come loose at the bottom and here she has her head and front legs out.
Now she's half way out. Needless to say, her escape days are over.

This weekend I got this lovely new item:

I've been wanting a new printer for a while now. This beauty prints using Vivera Inks that are fade resistant for 82+ years, water resistant, and has lovely vivid color. I've been wanting to make my own prints to sell on my Etsy store and the picture below is one of the two prints I now have for sale. I will be adding more soon.


  1. How do I get so far behind in my visiting? So fun to see your sweety pie making the great escape!

    That printer looks awesome. And what a great idea about making your own prints! Spring Hill Haven looks just like a place I would love to live...

    Loved the old crocks and cabinet. Love them!!


  2. How funny your little escape artist is! I laughed so hard when I saw the photos.

    Love the new print! What a glorious little town!



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