Thursday, January 28, 2016

You Know You're Getting Old When.....

Before I start on the subject in the title, won't you join me for a cup of tea?  I got this sampler of Tea     Forte Chocola (not misspelled) Teas for Christmas and have been using them sparingly because they are just too pretty.

Five of them came in a pretty heart shaped box:
Chocolate Rose
Coconut Chocolate Truffle
Hazelnut Truffle
Belgian Mint (the one in this photo)
Swiss Apple

The tiny green leaf and the silk bags are so pretty that I hate to use them and toss them.   Which one would you like to try?  They all have a hint of chocolate in them.

Now that I have my tea in hand, I'll get on with the subject of this blog post:

You Know You're Getting Old When....
1.  You mom calls your daughter, your daughter calls your son, and your son who is sick with a bad cold walks over from his house in a snow storm to make sure you haven't fallen into harms way.

Before all this happened I was busy painting my kitchen and had taken everything down including unplugging the phone from the wall where I was painting so that I didn't paint the cord.  I completely forgot about it and of course my mom had tried off and on all day to call me.  My husband was out of town on a business trip and she assumed I had fallen off my ladder and was lying on the floor injured.  As day turned to early evening, I realized the phone had never been plugged back in so I plugged in the phone jack.  The phone kept saying "connecting" but never did.  I figured I'd better call my husband on my cell phone to let him know I was o.k. before he got nervous and tried to call.  While I was on the phone with Rick, our son came through the back door to check on me.  He was covered with snow and coughing his head off.  
  He looked at my house phone and proceeded to plug it into the outlet since I had only plugged the cord into the phone jack.  Finally I had a connection and had to call everyone to let them know I was ok. Poor guy said it was too slick to drive but was happy that his mom wasn't injured. 

The paint color I used in the kitchen is another story all together and will share some other time.

2  I'm sure you're wondering why no one called me on my cell phone when they couldn't get me on the house phone.  I truly dislike cell phones and only have mine for emergencies.  I had plugged it into the charger because it's always dead.  Thank goodness I thought to do that because everyone definitely thought there was an emergency.  It of course was plugged in but not turned on.  

3.  While at T.J. Maxx  the other day I found some red and black buffalo plaid slippers in the clearance aisle for $15.00.  I adore buffalo plaid and bought them straight away.  Sunday evening while coming down the two stairs above the landing I slipped and fell (I'm blaming it on the new slippers) spraining my ankle.  It's amazing I didn't go flying through the window on the landing except for the fact that it was closed due to inclement weather.  
I'm trying to figure out how I could have been climbing up and down a ladder for two days painting and not hurt myself, but simply walking fall and injure my ankle.  I've been sitting for the last few with days with my leg iced and elevated in the recliner.   In case you wondered where I was, that's my story.  Please don't call me on my cell phone it won't do you any good.  

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Puzzle Giveaway Winners!

Yeah!  We have a winner!  Rah, rah, rah!  I was a cheerleader back in the day and as you can tell from all the gray hair that it was way back in the day.  So I'm doing a little cheer for my two puzzle winners:
Vee and Eileen

They are both very talented ladies so please stop by and check out their blogs and tell them I sent you!

The Christmas decorations are now down and one undecorated tree remains.  I'm getting there!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Folk Art Snowman Puzzle Giveaway

Just before Christmas puzzles arrived of my design "Chimney Smoke and Cheery Snowfolk".  
They've made the design round and it's available in 500 piece or 300 pieces.  I'm giving away one of each.  One lucky person will get the 500 piece puzzle and the other will get the 300 piece puzzle.

To be eligible for the drawing just leave a comment on my blog and I will be drawing the name on Sunday evening January10th.  Due to the cost of shipping overseas this "giveaway" is only available in the US and Canada.  Please put your name in your comment along with your email address if you are commenting anonymously so I can contact the winner.

This was a little difficult to photograph because of the plastic shrink wrap.  They are sold at Bits and Pieces.

The puzzle is 20" in diameter.   
I know I'm a little crazy, but I absolutely love snow!   What is your opinion of winter or do you live where it's nice and warm all year long?

Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year New Checked Curtains

We have another remodel coming up soon and we decided after the mess of having new floors put in before Christmas that we'd take a break until after the first of the year.  I don't want to mention what it is in case I jinx it.  I've waited a few years for this.

Below are the new curtains that I recently put up in our "lodge"room.  This room is now finished unless we find a ceiling light fixture that we like.   Due to a low ceiling, most of the fixtures that we've liked hang too low.  I found these beige checked curtains at Plow and Hearth. They are insulated to keep the room warm and they are on sale!

I decided to leave the shutters for a little more privacy from the street.   

The tree is still up!  It's real so it's got to come down soon.  I'm crossing my fingers that the next remodeling goes smoothly.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Sweet Quiet Mornings

I love getting up early in the morning almost like a child rising early on Christmas morning.  Walking quietly down the stairs trying not to trip over our dog, Lady, who insists on sleeping at the top, I start turning on lamps and the Christmas lights.  Taking my coffee, devotional, and diary to my favorite seat I plop myself down.  I need this quiet time with the Lord each morning before I start the day.  

This is the view from where I sit with legs curled up under me, knowing full well I won't be able to walk properly once I untangle them.  Sitting in the dark, the lights from the Christmas tree reflect in the black t.v. screen and the white lights of the flocked tree dance across the varnished wood floors.

Even the idea of taking down all this "Joy" is a little disheartening.  Rick prefers I leave it up until his birthday is over and that's always been just fine with me.   

Do you rush to take down your Christmas decorations or like a child, want to hang on to the magic just a little longer?