Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Living With Pink Kitchen Countertops

We inherited pink counter tops when we bought this house 12 years ago.  Upon moving in we painted the kitchen brown thinking it would make the counters look beige instead of pink.  It didn't work.  I painted the walls yellow recently and then everything in the kitchen looked so pastel it sort of made me a little ill.  Then the big decision came to paint the cabinets white.  I'm now tickled pink and will learn to live with these counter tops for a while longer. 

The problem is that the upper hutch area sits directly on top of the counter tops and even has a shelf built over the back splash.  I love the hutch area and don't want to replace my cabinets or tear them up trying to replace the counters.  I may in the future have someone resurface them for us.  They simple apply a finish over the top of the previous counters. 

Last week I made a curtain from pink, yellow, and red fabric to try to tie all these colors together and to create more storage below.  I need to make some curtains for the two windows in the kitchen too.

This little cubby was originally intended to store cookie sheets.  But, with a cat and two dogs roaming around and I'm not particularly fond of seeing my old cooking sheets exposed, they have now become wine storage. 

This is my favorite part of our kitchen.  These old stools, as explained to me by the previous owner of the house, were from an old ice cream parlor. 
I just love how the wood base between each stool has worn down where customers passed through to have a seat.  Look how those old seats (especially the one on the right) have worn thinner on one side where people have slid off the seats for so many years. 

I love to think of little children spinning on these stools while licking their dripping ice cream from their cones.  Who knows who might have sat here. 
Before I painted the cabinets white, these didn't show up as nicely because they blended in with the knotty pine. 
Hopefully this week Rick will be installing the new light fixtures including one he is making from one of Grandma Chickie's old egg baskets.
Stay tuned.....

Catherine Holman


  1. Wow! I don't know anyone who has a row of old ice cream shoppe stools in her kitchen. That's so cool. I really like the pink countertops with the yellow walls and the sweet fabric you used to tie everything together. You've got an amazing kitchen that looks as if it should be featured in a decorating magazine.

  2. You've done a great job, love the little curtains, and even like the counter tops. My friend is trying to sell her house, and it's pink all over. Not everyone's cup of tea. I'm o.k. with it, since I live in a house full of men, pink is sort of a reminder to me that I AM the Queen. Dying to see your light fixture, sounds interesting. Really, love the stools. What history.

  3. Oh Catherine I sooo agree with you that you should never disturb those cabinets. They are sooo charming, so much character! I LOVE all the elements of the built in! So beautiful painted white. I've always loved pink and yellow together, the fabric you've chosen and the gingham check shelf liner along with the beadboard is so sweet and cottagey. You have a wonderful theme going here. Pink is such an IN color now, so retro or shabby/romantic/cottage, so many accessories right down to the Kitchenaid Mixer. I had a pink vintage wringer washer that I regretted selling. LOL But I didn't have the laundryroom space to decorate with. Those ice cream parlor stools are to die for!! Warm Hugs,

  4. The hutch and all of the other little details are just fabulous. But you know what is even more fabulous? Those pink countertops! They really make the special features of your kitchen shine. I'm glad you've learned to love the pink. As for me, it was love at first sight. ;)

  5. your kitchen is gorgeous! I don't really even notice the pink countertops now, I'm too busy looking at other things! Fantastic..;j

  6. It all looks so lovely! The curtains are great.

  7. Catherine, your kitchen is beautiful. The pink may not be what you would have picked but let me say, it goes so beautifully with the white cabinets...so pretty.


  8. Wow, looks fabulous and I am jealous that you have pink countertops. I love the pink!

  9. Love the pink countertops! I love your whole kitchen. I have tried and tried to convince my husband to let me paint my cabinets and he will not give in. They are old and 1970ish, but sturdy. How did you convince him? Can't wait to see the lights!


  10. I love your kitchen. It has great personality and really good bones! Love the stools and their history.

  11. I love your kitchen! It has such personality and great bones. The stools are wonderful!

  12. Warm and full of personality. Love it and also a big fan of the pink countertops.

  13. Love, love, love those stools! I'm itching to paint my cabinets...any advice? Also, I believe Rustoleum is making a product to redo countertops now; my friend re-did hers and I think that was the brand. Also, don't rule out using granite tiles over your current countertop. But I'm thinkin' you're workin' that pink pretty well!

  14. I just love your kitchen - what character!!!
    And I would give anything for those stools - what a treasure
    Definitely your newest follower - would love to have you come
    by and follow back when you have the time!

  15. Your kitchen is an absolute dream, pink countertops and all!

  16. Wow...I can see that we have very similar tastes (that is a compliment for me!) :) My kitchen is white with yellows and reds and I have been looking for a fabric to make curtains for the windows. I love the fabric you used to make the little curtains for the lower cabinets. May I ask where you purchased it?

    PS-I have that very same rooster paper towel holder. :)

    Julie G

    1. Julie, I got them at retro-redheads.com. They are kitchen toweling by the yard. Thanks!

  17. Yours is one of the prettiest kitchens I've ever seen! xo


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