Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Rainbow Lake Resort Vacation

Good Morning!

We've been gone on a wonderful relaxing trip to Colorado for several days.  This sweet little guy came up to our car on the street in Cripple Creek to greet us.  Such a friendly place!

We stayed at Rainbow Lake Resort in Buena Vista and this was our little oasis for the week.  See that beautiful lake beyond our cabin?  We could see the lake from the window behind our dining table.  I would open the curtains each morning and sit there with my coffee.  Occasionally I'd see an early riser with his fishing pole walking by my window and they would wave to me. 

I was busy fishing while Rick was cooking hamburgers and he snapped this image from our deck.  What a beautiful view to wake up to each day!

I love this place!  Life was going on around us and we were tucked away here with no phones, tv, or internet.

Who needs constant entertainment when you can have this?

We took a walk around the lake, watching out for the yellow, black bear that had been making an appearance at the resort.  I didn't know there was such a thing as a yellow, black bear.  We never saw him, but this is what the resort looks like from the other side of the lake.  Our cabin, Little Bear, was to the left of that red cabin and up the hill a little.

Sunset on the lake was amazing too!  This is the little cabin we reserved for next year.  It's a little bigger, much older and has actual logs.  It sits tucked in behind some birch trees and has a little pond with a creek running into it and the lake is in front of this pond.  Can't wait to return!  How was your week?


  1. That looks like an amazingly restful vacation in such a beautiful spot. You learn something new about your blogging buddies all the time. I never would have figured you for a fisher"man"! Such sweet photos your husband captured. Next year's spot all staked out and ready...beautiful! Will you be painting some of these scenes?

  2. That place looks amazing! I would be thrilled to vacation there. I love that picture of you fishing. You should frame it :)



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