Monday, August 24, 2015

Retro Sunroom Makeover and Reveal

My daughter decided that since her husband was going to be out of town for a week that she and I should get together to remodel their sunroom as a surprise for him.  She gets that from her mother!  I've been known to move a waterbed by myself when my husband was out of town, rip out carpet, or redo an entire room because Rick really doesn't like the idea of change until he sees it finished and he's always been happy with the results.

First things first, she removed the blinds before I arrived.  We headed for Ikea to purchase curtains and a few other things.

Amber was so excited to try out her skills with power tools!

We also went to the hardware store to purchase 1/2" electrical conduit and some other items to make the rods and curtain brackets.  She had so many windows that we had to keep it within her budget and this was the best and least expensive method.  We she cut the conduit with a hack saw to length.  My girl is a beach body coach and has the muscles for such activities.

At Ikea we found sheers for $4 a pair and each panel is 103" wide.  Yes, I said $4 a pair!  If Amber's cat who looks like a complete angel in this photo, tears up the shears, she can afford to replace them at that price.  They were 98" long and we had to cut off several inches.  We put up several pairs to cover the entire area.  The curtains in the corner were on sale for $15.95 and she bought 3 pairs.  

This old metal table belonged to my mom and dad when we were kids, but the chairs didn't survive, so she purchased two clear lucite chairs to put on each end, also from Ikea.  They are hardly noticeable.

The comforter and pillows for the daybed were purchased at Target.  The comforter was on sale for around $16.  The black and white polka dot rug came from Ikea for $20.  That black desk chair was replaced by an aqua chair shown in the prior image from Target. We couldn't use another lucite chair because it wouldn't have slid in all the way and it's a narrow room.

The pictures are a little dark because we were in a hurry to get everything finished before Scott returned home and had to use Amber's cell phone to take pictures.  I love the soft glow from lamp light!

We kitty proofed these two curtains because her cat, Birdie, loves to sit on the little stove and kept going behind the sheers to get to the glass table.  

It was a pretty productive weekend and her husband was very happy with the results!  I love helping out my kids!


  1. It turned out wonderful! I love the Lucite chairs and the polka dot rug!

  2. What a fabulous job you gals did! The colors are fantastic and those lucite chairs are an inspiration. Well done! When are you sending the guys away to get the next thing accomplished? Ha!

  3. Forgot to say that I also like the changes here. Darling header!

  4. Looks great! My house usually gets some type of makeover during hunting season!

  5. I just love this room! The curtains really brightened it up and of course, you know I love all the vintage items, especially that table. Great job :)


  6. I had to laugh reading this it struck home a bit. Back in the day when we had a water bed my husband would jokingly say that at least that was one room he knew would look the same when he came home as he didn't think I could empty move and refill the waterbed while he was at work.
    (I'm sure I could have if I put my mind to it lol)


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