Thursday, September 3, 2015

These Shoes Could Do Some Talking

I'm sure you must think this story is about how many miles and the wonderful places theses shoes have taken me, but you would be mistaken.  These shoes were purchased just a few days ago while in the little town of Salida, CO while we were on vacation.  I had searched for just the exact pair of hiking shoes that would suit my feet because comfort is all I care about at this age.

Rick even snuck in a couple pair of $20 socks that he knew I'd never pay that kind of money for, but I have to admit that I love the stripes.  But, that's not the story either.

After leaving Murdoch's, a great store by the way,  I quickly put my new shoes on in the car before we got to Walmart in search of the butter we forgot to buy.  I kept hearing this clicking noise behind me with every step and looked down to see a the price tag hooked to the back of one shoe.  Rick saved me by the flick of his knife, slashing through the string of the tag.  Once we arrived back at the car I realized that everyone in the Salida, CO Walmart now knows my shoe size because the stickers stating my size (which I'm keeping to myself now) were still stuck on the toes of my new Keen hiking shoes.  As a young chick, I woul have been mortified and red faced.  At this age, it's good for a laugh!  In my defense I'm not used to buying shoes without boxes that are sitting on a shelf with tags stuck on the toes and the price attached to the loop on the back of one shoe.  

It appears that poor Rick is in for lots of good old belly laughs in our future!


  1. That sounds like something I would do LOL Great picture of your husband!


  2. Oh Boy, I hope you don't show up on one of those Wal-Mart People sites, HA! Looks like you're dealing with it in the best way possible...putting your feet up, relaxing and letting it go, soaking in that gooorgeous view. Enjoy your vacation! Hugs,

  3. Thrift Store Finds are the Best! yEAH!


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