Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Christmas On Hickory Hill Folk Art Painting

I've slowly but surely been working on this painting and finally got it finished today.  I decided to cool things down by having it snow in this little scene.  Guess what?  It worked!  It cooled down and we had perfect weather in the 60's today!  You can find this painting in my Etsy Store and at the top of my blog by clicking on the "Original Paintings" link.

In the cozy cottage at the top of Hickory Hill, Christmas is being celebrated.  Children gather around the piano as grandma plays Christmas carols and tiny voices sing merrily along to the melody.  Grandpa reads to the children about Wise Men following a star and bringing gifts as the children listen quietly.  Tired from a long day outside building snowmen, the children snuggle up warming themselves by the fire.  
Sleepy heads nod as little ones are carried up to beds and tucked in under warm quilts as they dream of a little baby in a manger born in a stable. 

Are you Christmas shopping yet?  I saw Christmas decorations on the shelves at Walmart this week.  I haven't even started my fall decorating yet!   I guess I'm just as bad as the retailers, but it takes a while to do a painting and I would love to have more than one new Christmas painting this year.  I do apologize and hope you can forgive me for having so much fun with these little scenes.


  1. Such a cozy winter scene full of charm and the one you created on the inside is every bit as cozy. I can see those children tucked in under the quilts in Grandma's upstairs bedrooms.

  2. I really admire your work, Catherine. The little stories that you write about the settings in your paintings are delightful. The details in your paintings are wonderful. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  3. No apology is required, we love waiting to see the surprise. I haven't started to shop for Christmas, but have written my cards, I needed to clear out my office, and there they all were so I sat down and did them.

  4. Catherine, your work is delightful! What a great talent - and what a wonderful website! Lovely.
    RETA@ evenhaazer.blogspot.com


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