Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sunflower Lane Folk Art Painting

Some of you who have taken classes from me over the years or purchased my instruction books will recognize that several different paintings over the years are combined into this one painting, 

I don't enjoy repeating paintings, but it was fun to take some of my favorite parts from the past and combining them into this one colorful summer design.

Sunflower Lane comes to life every summer with it's beautiful blooms rising high above the white fence reaching for the sun.   Bright colored aprons swing in the breeze on the clothesline as a kitten sleeps in the basket below.  Dogs and cats live happily together in this little neighborhood where children run and play outside.  Clara who makes and sells confections directly from her farmhouse kitchen, loves to make extras for the paperboy who delivers her news right to her front step.

Summer is quickly coming to an end as the beautiful shades of autumn start to arrive.  I'll miss those flip flop days, green grass, and fragrant flowers.  What's you favorite part of summer?


  1. The flowers! Oh the flowers! This is an adorable painting and you know how I love those stories of yours...

  2. I so wish I could climb into your paintings and live there, Catherine :)

    My favorite part of Summer? The end LOL



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