Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Summer Village Folk Art in Progress

I've gotten a little farther on my new painting and thought you might enjoy seeing the stages that it goes through. 

I'll try to remember to photograph as I go along.  You can see the very beginning in the previous post. 

Here are some older spring and summer scenes that are still available as prints in my Etsy and eBay stores:

This warm spring weather has all my flowers coming up before I have time to get the leaves raked off and the perennials cut back.   We've had such a warm winter and spring, causing me to be a little concerned about what summer will be like.    Are you still shoveling snow or working in the garden like me?


  1. Wonderful island home...sweet yellow house bakery...all the details you put into your art make it so intriguing like a picture book.

    We didn't bother to'll melt soon enough.

  2. How fun watching the stages! As far as old names....My Mom's name was Ruby...

    And I just bought some retro eyeglasses that were named Esther.

  3. I always love all your paintings Cathie-they are beautiful!


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