Friday, March 30, 2012

Folk Art Painted Wood Tile Box

This is my second listing on eBay for my old class samples.  As mentioned in this  previous post about the "Blue Toile Lap Desk" , I'm auctioning some of my older pieces on eBay.  I have run out of space for all these pieces and don't want to simply store them away. 
 This piece measures 9" x 9" at the widest point and is 3 1/2" tall.
 It is perfect for jewelry, keepsakes, etc.
 It has four blue ball feet that are attached with dowels and the bottom is nicely finished too.
 The interior is blue with a burgundy liner in the bottom. Gold metallic trim adorns the inside of the lid.
Fine eggshell crackling and antiquing give this piece the appearance of age.

This box and the lap desk were both painted in 2000.  It is made of wood and routered to look like tile on the lid. 
The original photo of the house that was used for reference will be included inside the box. This piece has traveled far and wide from class to class and trade shows. There are a few blemishes and some small places where the painted has rubbed off or chipped. It only adds to the character of the box.
I will continue to add new pieces each week until they are gone.

Catherine Holman


  1. Cathy, these old paintings of yours I just love, someday I will have one from you I hope. Reminds me of the class I took from you, I still have that box and I simply love it. Hope that you do well with these!

  2. This is a great treasure-box.
    Beautiful as everything you create


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