Monday, March 5, 2012

Snow, Sprinkles, and a new Painting

This year we've had such warm weather. Then, ever so gently, tiny flakes floated from the sky like......

sprinkles on cupcake!

God sprinkled us with his love upon the sweetness of the earth.
I wanted to run outside and twirl and twirl with my arms in the air.
I didn't want to scare the I stayed inside and painted

I hope to have this new piece finished and listed on eBay tomorrow if I'm not outside twirling. 

Have a Heavenly sprinkles kind of day!


  1. I would have been outside dancing with you! Cute painting....

  2. I understand the twirling. We've had a little sprinkling too, but a great big wind as well, I was chasing down a bunch of trash that just stayed, and then noticed my tulips coming up, and immediately needed to clean up my flower bed to make them welcome, of coarse the ground was FROZEN,.

  3. I love your little cupcake- parade.
    And the spinkel on the cupcake- paintig.
    Very very sweet

  4. That reminded me of the song...."Let it snow...." Catherine, absolutely beautiful painting (as always).



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