Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Giveaway Winner from Russia

The blog winner from my last giveaway, as mentioned in a previous post, was a reader from Russia, Nika Aksutin.  Nika wrote to me telling me how much her daughters love cupcakes and how happy they were when the cupcake painting arrived.  She also shared these photos of her daughters, Lily and Polina, with their little painting.  They are so adorable!  What sweet little smiles....

You can visit their blog Craft for Christ Glory to see some of their other favorite cupcake items.

They are mailing a little cupcake cross stitch that they made for me and I'm so excitedWhat a sweet family!

I would share some first day of spring photos, but it's been raining for 3 days now.  It's a much needed rain though.  I'm hoping my grass seed will come up this time since this is the third try.  Any advice anyone?


  1. Those girls are so cute! I know that they'll enjoy their gift for many years to come.

    Grass seed takes much longer to come up than one might long as three weeks. Did you strew some straw (not hay) over it and did you keep it moist? It's a pain to take care of as I recall. We had to have a new lawn put in on the side of the new garage when it went up. The landscaper did it and left directions and we did the babysitting. Is it a fescue grass? That's a rather tough grass that holds up well to summer heat, etc. And that little bit of what I know you could put in a thimble!

  2. Oh this is really lovely, and how wonderfull to share the love worlwide.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. That is so cool! They look like precious girls. Can't wait to see their cross stitch. Hope you share a picture!

  4. Thank you again! We are happy to have your gift!!!! LOVE from Russia, Nika


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