Friday, March 16, 2012

A Cute as a Cupcake Princess Turns Birthday Girl

Once upon a time a pretty little girl was born who dreamed of becoming a princess.  She loved the color pink, zebra print, and Justin Bieber (her prince).  Much to her great auntie's (me) delight, she was asked to paint a special cupcake for her birthday.

The sweet princess and her zebra print cupcake....

take a closer look.   Cute nail polish too....

Hope it was a wonderful day full of magic sweet Madison!
Auntie Cathie

P.S. check out her mommy's blog:


  1. Oh how cute! A perfect match...and I think she really likes that gift, too. Hope that her birthday was a very happy one.

  2. Beautiful gift for little girl! Very glamour! And THANK YOU again for my gift too! Nika from Russia.

  3. Happy Birthday to your sweet zebra princess.

  4. Lovely idea, she must have been very hapy

  5. I love this!! You certainly captured her spirit in that painting :) Too cute about her "prince" - - my daughter would DITTO that! LOL


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