Friday, June 22, 2012

Marshmallow Roasting Party & Ghostly Guests

My sister in law, Tammy, and her two great kids, Makayla & Aaron, came for a visit.  They are Betsy's (the yorkie) family.

We decided to roast marshmallows and I wanted to try some night time photos with my new camera.  Let me just say, I'm still learning.  It is fun to play around with the settings.

In the following photos, it looks like ghostly figures have decided to join the party. 

There's even a ghost dog....
Many people have told us that our house is haunted.  It's an old house that many different families have lived in.  We believe our ghosts are of the friendly sort.

Hey honey, I need a garden shed in place of that dog kennel when you can get around to it.

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