Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Little Visitor

Recently we had a little visitor.  Her name is Betsy and though she is tiny, she had my three dogs terrified for the first few days....

Isn't she scarey....

She's very brave too...  I know I can jump this!
(new decking was being replaced)

Jersey, on the other hand is not so brave.  She hides when you take her picture.  That camera is very scary!  The poor baby was at the groomers last week and decided to take a flying leap out of the tub when they took the leash off.  She broke three toes and has to wear this brace for 6 weeks.  

This beauty is Lady.  We think the real spelling for her name is Lazy.  She is the most gentle dog on the planet and Betsy fell in love with her even though she terrorized her the first few days.

She minds very well and is taking the sidewalk to stay off our new landscaping.

Annie is headed right for the hostas in the newly landscped area.
She is the oldest and is known by the others as "The Boss". 
Boss girl was pretty scared of Betsy for a while too.

How about that Harley Davidson collar?  That designates her "Boss" statis.

Hey Betsy,

Annie, Lady, Jersey, and Bailey (the cat) who remains inside with the airconditioner at all times, want you to know they miss you and can't wait for you to come back for another visit.  They really did!
We miss you already tuff girl.


  1. I had no idea that you had all these wonderful dogs. Now I can't help but wonder why you aren't painting dog pictures, but then I do remember a few dogs showing up in your scenes.

  2. What a menagerie. I love it. Our cat keeps wanting to go outside, but the frog is scaring him silly, so he's very cautious.

  3. I love seeing all of the sweet dogs! I miss having one.

  4. What wonderful dogs you have! I love how Jersey is hiding her sorry she broke her toes. Lady is beautiful. They all are. I didn't realize you had so many pets.


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