Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gifts From Russia

Look what came in the mail all the way from Russia.  Nika was the winner of a little cupcake painting in one of my "Giveaways".  She and her two little daughters, Polina and Lily are big cupcake fans and I was so honored to send my paintings all the way to them in Russia.  You can see her two girls with the painting on their blog Craft for Christ Glory.

Nika told me they would be sending a little cross stitch cupcake that they at made, and I was also surprized to open the package and see this lovely apron too.  I will be wearing this apron with the beautiful Russian dolls and thinking of those sweet little smiling faces of Polina and Lily when I make my next batch of cupcakes.  

The cross stitch cupcake is adorable and thanks for the little treat too!  Chocolate is my favorite!  My son brought me home chocolate a few years ago when he went to Russia.

Thanks Nika, Polina, and Lily,
From your far away friend in the USA!


  1. Very special gifts...the cross stitch cupcake is marvelous! Was the chocolate good or are you going to eat it? Some people save such gifts. =D And the apron couldn't be any cuter!

    1. Some people like my son do save such gifts, but not his momma when it concerns chocolate!


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