Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hawthorne Knoll Folk Art Painting

To stay cool inside while it's 105 outside, I've been painting this autumn scene.  I listed it on eBay this evening.

This is the favorite time of year at Hawthorne Knoll. Autumn is the time of year for making caramel apples, raking huge piles of leaves to jump in, and hayrides with hay bales for seats. It's fall ya'll when hot cider is served, pumpkin pies are baked, and the aroma of soup tempts your taste buds. A chill is in the air and out come the sweaters, jeans, and blankets as the family warms up around a cozy fire.

Are you staying cool today?  

Catherine Holman 


  1. Doing my best to stay cool! There were several minutes that it was necessary to walk a bit on a hot sidewalk, but that certainly didn't last long! The a/c of the house really feels good.:)
    I love your artwork!

  2. I love your Fall paintings...the colors are so nice. We only got into the 80s today...which was surprising! But we'll get's Florida!


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