Saturday, December 31, 2011

Paintings of 2011

2011 has been a productive year for cupcake paintings:

"Olivia's Orange Apron" and "Ruby's Red Shoes" are the first apron and cupcake series this past year.  Hopefully I'll add a few more in 2012.

I apparently fell behind on my folk art paintings this year, but produced my favorite painting, "Christmas at Ray's Diner" to make up for it.  This is a local diner from my hometown.  I hope to add a local scene each year.

Thanks for taking the time to read my daily drivel, scribblings, and for all the sweet comments about my paintings this past year. 
Have a happy and safe New Year!


  1. Do I ever want a cupcake to eat about now! Oh I just loved taking a closer look at all of your 2011 paintings. The details are so fine and the colors make me hungry. ☺ Of all the cupcakes, my favorite is Spring Fling. Must be that darling cupcake paper. I don't find anything that is at all like drivel here ever.

    Oh, btw, just in case you thought you skated out on'd the hairdo work out? Were you and your hairdresser on the same page? I hope so!

    A wonderful New Year's Eve to you and a blessed 2012!

  2. Cathie, Happy New Year to you!!! By the way my daughter loved the cupcake print I ordered for her for Christmas!! 2012 here we come!!

  3. Cathie, I love every single one of your paintings! I am fortunate to own a couple of them myself!

    Have a wonderful 2012. I look forward to seeing what you create.

  4. Have a wonderful New Year, love visiting and see all your wonderful creations and I'm with Vee, I don't find anything that is at all like drivel here either.

  5. Catherine, happiest, healthiest and most successful of new years to you.

    I love looking through the work I've done in a given year, to see how it has grown, changed and expanded. Love all your pieces...always so hard to pick a favorite.


  6. Love seeing everything together like that. Your painting is so amazing! Hope that you have a wonderful and creative New Year!



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