Friday, December 16, 2011

More Christmas Decor......

Today I'm busy checking my lists twice and cleaning house.  So, I'd like to share more of my Christmas decor with you . 

Tomorrow my daughter and mother are coming over to make cookies.  Are you ready for Christmas yet?


  1. Oh my your house is so clean. Love the decorations your firplace face is cool.

  2. Not quite and tomorrow is one of our big days of Christmas with a breakfast and crafting. Your day sounds as if it will be great fun! Take pictures. Get those batteries charged.

  3. I love your decor! I love those murals on your walls. How beautiful!

  4. Cathie, you house looks so beautiful!! Enjoy your baking time with your daughter and Mom!! I ordered one of your prints for my youngest daughter, it arrived so quickly and I know she is going to just love it!!

  5. Your house looks beautifull and I love the green- man.
    Have wonderfull holidays


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