Wednesday, December 7, 2011

While visions of sugar plums....

Christmas decorations are finally flying out of their dusty boxes and into their proper place around our home.  You may have guessed by now that red is my favorite color and a fair amount of that particular hue can be seen in these images.  I believe in adding a touch of Christmas to each room even if it's just the smallest touch of holiday cheer. 

Every time I walk through the door, I want to dive into this bed.  This is my view across the hall from my paint room where I sit at my computer.  It's always beckoning me to come and take a little nap.

Lots and lots of crocheted blankets are ready at the foot of the bed for those very chilly nights.

Cheery pillows in my favorite chair for reading....

Our cat, Bailey's, favorite place to nap the day away....

Simply change out your candles and add tiny sugar plum wreaths....

I'm off to crochet the night away making gifts as I watch my favorite Christmas movies.  Are you making any gifts this year?


  1. Wow. I want that bed and all it's crochet goodness! I AM making gifts this year. A few embroidered wall art hoops, a knitted cowl, and hopefully some paintings. We'll see how my plans play out...
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  2. Yes, simple ones, though, not like your lovely afghans. I'm crocheting scarves.

    I need to decorate my bed better. I have only our stockings hung. A bit of greenery would be lovely and easy to do. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Now, if you read my post today, you'll know that I think you should be allowed to dive right into that bed for a lovely nap every now and then.

  3. I love that room! It is wonderful with the toile and the pillows. Is that the room with the red transferware mosaic table?

  4. Oh I love that red rose-like pillow. Dear Santa, I want that for Christmas ;0)

  5. Cathie, lets jump in that comfy cozy bed and sip tea and giggle!

    I love those cute birdie brackets! Do you remember where you got them? I have a birdcage I want to hang and am looking for the perfect bracket to hang it from! THAT is it! :-)

    Warm Hugs,

  6. So Charming Especially the bed with crocheted pillows and afghans. So unigue! I love the "Dear Santa I Can Explain" Pillow!

  7. Cathie!! I love the bedroom! So cozy! You have always had such a beautiful home. You are so talented! Hope all is well with you and Rick!

  8. Cathie, I don't blame you for wanting to take a nap on that lovely bed!! I am making lots of gifts this year. Some knitted scarves, some DIY projects, etc. I love making handmade gifts, people just love them!

  9. Oh how I love this post, Cathie! It is beautiful!!

  10. I just adore those crocheted pillows and afghan. It's great you're crocheting gifts this year. I plan to do that next year. This year I'm baking. :)


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