Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year

It's a new year,
a new camera,
a new haircut,
& a blurry picture....

I don't like having my picture taken, but I had promised to share the new haircut.  I was trying my best to use the timer on my new camera, but I couldn't seem to move quick enough and couldn't figure out how to change the amount of seconds on the timer.  Thus, the blurry photo.  Believe it or not I had about 6 inches cut off and had my hair layered.  Most people don't even notice that I've cut my hair. 

While playing around with my new Canon Rebel T3i, I took this photo of my son and really like how the light from his new Nook Tablet was shining on his face.  I'm excited to try photographing my artwork with it soon.

Recently I sold some artwork printed on canvas through my Fine Art America store to a grocery store, Plymouth Hometown Market, in PA to hang in their bakery.  Here are the photos that Mark Tokach sent me of my cupcake prints above the bakery case:

Seven of my cupcake prints are hanging on the wall in the bakery section of the store.

Wishing each of you a wonderful blessed 2012!


  1. Happy New Year 2012!!
    May all your wishes, hopes and dreams are fulfilled;
    the joy and hope, are your faithful companions along this year.
    Hugs, Laura.

  2. I love your hair style. It frames your face beautifully!

  3. How fun is that, a new camera and your lovely art in a highly visible spot.
    I enjoy your work! Pamela

  4. Wow! What a great idea for a bakery to use your beautiful cupcakes. I loved seeing that.

    And I love seeing you! Your hair looks beautiful and it is very stylish. Great job! Guess that you and your hairdresser were on the same page for sure!

    Have fun with the camera!

  5. Your new haircut looks very cute! I sure need a new one to start this year! Love the prints at the bakery..just perfect! I know I love your prints on my walls! Happy New year! ♥

  6. That is awesome that Bakery used your cupcake painting for their store!! Happy New Year!

  7. Your cupcakes look perfect in the bakery! What a cute idea!
    And you're going to love your Rebel! That was my first digital camera, and they're a lot of fun!
    Happy New Year to you! I can't wait to see all the new paintings you come up with this year! :)

  8. Hi Catherine, I hope you had a great new- years day, and the new year will bring you health,
    happiness more new things and a lot of creativity, and with a little luck you could be the winner
    of my new- years giveaway. You are heartily invited to join it if you want to.
    Your paintings look georgous in this bakery.
    Could there a better place for them?
    have a great day

  9. Congratulations on the sale of your cupcake pictures to the Bakery/Deli. They do lool nice hanging there!1 Also Congratulations on your new Camera. Every once in awhile I get a picture with that warm glow, but i never know what i did to get it for next time! from Marlynne

  10. Congratulations! How exciting for you to have your art displayed. Your hair is beautiful. I don't know how to use the timer on my camera at all so kudos to you for at least knowing how to use it! Enjoy!

  11. Well, I love your hair and I love your paintings. I am a wanna be fok artist and just dream of being as good as you! I hope 2012 is very good to you!

  12. I'm sorry, but I must correct my typo. Folk artist. So sorry about that. I am a little compulsive about things like that. Anyhow . . . I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us - you do such lovely work!

  13. Happy New Year! You look so pretty and I love your hair. I have been letting my hair grow so I can put it up on those hurry and get up ready for work days....
    My girls loved their coffee shop prints so much, they now have friends that want them. Gary and I framed them along with the cupcake prints for Christmas. They were really surprised!
    Have a sweet day and big hugs, Elizabeth

  14. Hi Cathie,
    Love your new haircut ~I like the layering.
    How wonderful to have your paintings all lined up so pretty in the bake shop!

    Have a good weekend!

  15. Oh that's so exciting that your cupcake paintings are displayed in the grocery store bakery. Congratulations! Warm Hugs,


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