Sunday, February 24, 2008

Shady Lane Folk Art Painting

Tonight I added my second painting in my "Dream Homes" series to my eBay auctions . These are turning out to be so much fun. I don't have to play by any rules and can simply be creative or possibly creatively challenged. Don't forget,
my "February Freeze" sale on eBay. Starting bids are at an all time low through February. We've created quite a bit of activity on them and the prices are still low.
Dreams homes come from my imagination. You won't find them in reality. Polka dot and checkerboard roofs are common in "Dreamland", where a child swings with pigtails flying beneath a giant shade tree as carefree as a summer breeze. Window boxes are always full of fanciful flowers and three story houses are the norm. There is a white picket fence in every yard. A turquoise with brown polka dot grosgrain ribbon is attached below the fence.
Hope she doesn't kick the glass out of that window!


  1. I love the rooftops! So whimsical!!! I envy your style SO MUCH! And the little yellow house is so cute (you know I'm partial to yellow houses).

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  2. The painting is awesome. It sure looks like a dream land. The roof tops are lovely. I wish I could live in such apartments far away in a beautiful world. You can try this link for Folk Art items.

  3. Beautiful! I love this one. I loved to swing as a child.

  4. Catherine, I love your latest painting, especially the sweet girl on the swing. Loved to swing as a child and I love to swing as an adult also.

    I agree, when you are painting something that is not a custom order, it is from your photos or imagination, mixing and matching things, you can get so creative and only have to worry about pleasing yourself, that is the best.

  5. Catherine,
    These are wonderful...I keep stopping in to see what other candy you have for my eyes! If only I had your talent, to be able to visualize something and then draw it is beyond my talents wwaaaayyyy beyond :)...boy what a special gift to have.

  6. Oh, that girl swinging is so fun! I love it!

    Happy day!


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