Friday, February 15, 2008


So many of my favorite blogs have the word "nest" in them. I guess I'm drawn to this particular word because it really describes me. Working at home tends to make me nest in my little corner of the world. So this new eBay painting is dedicated to all of my readers who like to "nest"! This painting is about "nesting" and making your house a home. Each house has it's own unique style and reflects the homeowners personalities.
The edges of the canvas are covered with scrapbook paper that looks like newsprint. The word "Nest" is glued in the center of the painted bracket and then a dimensional glaze is applied over the lettering. Black grosgrain ribbon is tied around the edges of the canvas.
Happy nesting!


  1. Catherine,
    I love your little nest painting! I was struck by the light eminating from this one. I loved the detail of the little shadows from the picket fence. Gloriuos!

  2. Hi Cathie,
    I love your nest painting! I too love the word nest and some of my favorite blogs, have that word in there title. I tend lately to be buying vintage bird prints, vintage egg prints, nests, etc.

    We do have alot in common! I wish we lived in the same town, I feel we would be great friends.

  3. what a beautiful little painting!!

  4. What an adorable piece! Every detail is so perfect. Well done, Cathie!

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage


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