Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Custom House Portraits

I've had so much fun painting house portraits lately that my eBay auctions have suffered. But, I promise to get them going again this week. I have one auction ending this evening, Wild Rose Crossing , which was pictured in my last post.
Jenn and Jacqui, mother and daughter team, from The Bowers Bird Nest asked me to paint two house portraits for them and I just shipped them out today. The first one, "Woodend" was an old house that they loved that was in disrepair and they asked me to spruce it up. The beauty of the Australian countryside is quite amazing!
The second one was a quaint "Lake Cottage". You should take the time to visit with Jenn and Jacqui at their wonderful blog where they share lots and lots of wonderful photos of their life in Australia. Jacqui just celebrated her 18th birthday and the photos of her celebration are so much fun. What a great mom Jenn is! Happy Birthday Jacqui!


  1. LOVELY, as usual, Catherine! You have such a generous soul and it shows through in all of your work. I just love taking in all of your paintings. They make me happy inside.


  2. Jenn and Jacqui have been telling me about these paintings! They are WONDERFUL, Catherine! I'm so jealous, someday I need a painting of my dream houses! I love these so much, you did an awesome job for two of the nicest bloggers ever. They will treasure them!


  3. Hi Catherine! Oh we are so delighted beyond words. You have captured the essence of these homes perfectly, all the little details, the colours, the Australian flora, perfect! We are honoured to have your work in our home (soon!) and cannot wait to receive them, frame them and treasure them for always :) Thank you, you have been an absolute pleasure to deal with! Jenn and Jacqui

  4. Catherine, these two paintings are absolutely breathtaking! I just want to stare at them and stare at them. Your talent never ceases to amaze and impress me.

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage


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