Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bliss Cottage Folk Art Painting

Here's another little "dream" home that I listed on eBay this evening. Remember there are only two days left on the February lower listing prices on eBay.
This painting is about "bliss" which in the dictionary is decribed as gladness, joy, delight, and happiness. This delightful scene is all that and more. The checkerboard chimney and pink polka dot roof gives evidence to the happiness and joy of the family within. Black and white checks line the roof and cute decorative shades in the windows add the finishing touches. The word "Bliss" is glued in the center of the painted bracket and then a dimensional glaze is applied over the lettering. Pink satin ribbon is tied around the edges of the canvas and can be removed if you prefer.


  1. Cathie, I think you just painted my dream home! That is so adorable!

  2. Like always simply adorable. I know I said it once, but I will say it always I couldn’t choose one house for me, it have to be all of them, or maybe "my" house is still to come.


  3. Hi, Catherine! It's always great to meet local fellow artists! Your art is breathtaking!!! WOW! It is such a small family and I timeshare a condo at Kimberling Inn in Branson!!! It's my fav place to vacation. My fiance always jokes that we should take advantage of the timeshare his family has in Florida, but I say there is no comparison, I'd pick Branson over Florida anyday! We were actually considering getting married at the chapel in Silver Dollar City! Thank you os much for visiting....i will be back often and will add you to my links!


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