Friday, January 11, 2008

Supper Time

Every evening when my husband, son, and I sit down to eat, our cat Callie sits in the fourth chair. I've not been able to get a shot of everyone at the table. She sits in the chair and lays her little chin on the table like she's supposed to be served along with everyone else. My son said he noticed this evening that as soon as she heard me getting the plates out of the cabinets, she came running. She'll be disappointed that Eric leaves to go back to college Sunday because my husband and I always eat at the kitchen counter when it's just the two of us.


  1. Well, I thought my last cat post was cute....but this is the best ever. What a sweetie! Check out my blog. My "Callie" kitty is featured also :-)

    Have a great weekend........Rosie

  2. Hi, I like your cat, so cute.
    Please stop by, I have something for you!


  3. Oh... little Miss Sassy! I love her so much! She is just too cute! Love ya, Amber

  4. Callie Bell is such a funny little thing! Her table manners are quite impeccable!
    Love, Patti

  5. Your cat Callie is adorable! I had to laugh when I saw her little head sitting at the table. How cute!

  6. That is just too cute!!! My Calico Cat's name is Cali as well, and is quite a character too.


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