Sunday, January 20, 2008

Spring Fairy Cottage Folk Art Painting

I had quite a "good" time with this little painting. It makes me want to get outside and plant some flowers! Although with the snow on the ground, that's not likely to happen. Painting these little gardens gives me so many ideas for my own yard. It would especially be nice to have some fairies to help me with it!
This house belongs to my dear friend and neighbor, Linda. I changed things by adding flowers, porch furniture, and moving her home to the country. She also gained a stained glass studio in her back yard! Won't she be surprised. I've had a few people recognize their homes in my paintings even though I change the surroundings. Fairy Cottage is a magical place where flowers bloom profusely and gardens are always tidy. Miss Linda resides here and loves to tell spendid stories of tiny delicate fairies to her grandchildren. She weaves her magical tales where fairies create beautiful stained glass in her art studio and they garden by night. Fairies, always "neat" by nature, clean up their messes in the studio and finish up pieces that she has started but can't seem to complete.


  1. Oh I just love it, the cute little table and the front door. Well it is time to get ready for some spring!?! I am so glad that I found the way to your blog, you are truly talented and I am like a little girl awaiting your next painting.

    Have a shiny Monday! Suzy

  2. Catherine,
    Oh my goodness...what a lovely...lovely home!

  3. This is really lovely Catherine, charming! Jenn and Jacqui

  4. Catherine, that is wonderfully magical! I love it!

  5. Catherine,
    I am so glad you posted this lovely painting. I am getting a bit tired of looking at winter and this just lifts my spirits right up! Do you or does someone you know paint china? I am looking for someone who might be interested in painting a special cup and saucer for a ministry project. If you know someone, please send them my way.
    Miss Sandy

  6. You are truly, love, love all your work!

    smiles, kari & kijsa

  7. Hi Catherine - just found you through Mellisa @ The Inspired Room and had to stop and tell you your work is just lovely! :)

    Happy painting!


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