Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Christmas in Holly Ridge Painting

Yes! It's finally finished. This one took a while to paint because ideas just kept coming and I couldn't stop painting. Christmas paintings are just so much fun to paint. They bring back memories of special times with family and friends.

The Dooley family own the Christmas Tree Farm in Holly Ridge. Mr. Dooley is bringing more trees up from the valley in his blue pickup to sell in the barn. A fire is always going in the metal barrel so customers can warm up after trapsing through the trees trying to find just the right one. Mr. Nickels arrives in his red truck with his faithful dog Cocoa to search for a tree for his 95 year old mother. She lives in the yellow house at the top of the hill and still decorates her farmhouse for the holidays. In the village all the shops are open late for last minute shoppers. The Moose Tracks Chocolate shop offers the most delectable candy and deserts in the county. Otter Creek is an outfitters clothing store which is also owned by the Duncan family who own the Tea 'n Whimsy tea room. Silhouettes of a couple sharing a cup of tea can be seen through the bay window. Izzie Bloom owns the local gift shop and people come from miles around to buy their Christmas gifts and decorations there. Street lights cast a soft glow on the snow covered street where a Ford Sedan is parked along the curb.
You can link directly to this auction by clicking on the above title. Click on the pictures for a closer view.
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  1. Oh Catherine! I want to live in Holly Ridge. That painting is so detailed and whimsical, I just love it! I love the story you tell with it too.
    p.s. yes that is a cloth around the rolling pin. It came with my pastry cloth. I cover it with flour and it keeps the dough from sticking to the pin.

  2. The old car in the corner is just the right touch for this lovely painting. Again, a wonderful piece of exquisite folk art. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage


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