Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bear Creek Village

Annie, the one eyed wonder dog, was dressed in costume last night as a pirate. She lost an eye a year ago due to glaucoma. My daughter bought her this costume last year and I thought she looked more like a can-can girl. It didn't even come with an eye patch. Now who can be a pirate without a patch? I tried to fix the red eye in the photo but it wouldn't work so I tried to match the color of her eye and paint it in. I then got carried away and added the eye patch with the photo program.
Annie loved greeting the costumed children at the front door. This is our little niece and she wasn't the least bit scared of her.

I quickly finished this little painting and listed it on eBay before our first "Trick or Treaters" arrived last night. You can go directly to this auction by clicking on the above title.

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