Sunday, November 25, 2007

Christmas in Crystal Cove

Yeahhh!!! Orrick High School Football State Champs! What a weekend! We went to St. Louis this weekend to watch a local town win the State Championship and what a great time we had! I want to say a special congratulations to Turner and the team for showing such great sportsmanship and a job well done.
Before we left for the game I got this little painting done and scheduled to go on eBay this evening.

This quaint little cove is named after Crystal the snowlady who has arrived every year at Christmas to delight the children and share in the magic. Warm fires burn inside the homes as tufts of smoke drift from the chimneys into the brisk air. Snowflakes, gentle in their unique designs, sway towards the earth forming a beautiful white blanket covering everything in sight. Crystal loves the way they tickle her nose and drape on her arms to make her appear that she's wearing elbow length white gloves. She can't wait for the children to come out and see how fanciful she looks with her white atire that glitters in the daylight.

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