Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Christmas Homes Tour Part Two

This is our upstair landing where we decorated the railing with evergreen and gold bows. This was the first year that I put a tree on the landing. I wasn't sure if it would fit, but it really made all the difference.
I love to add evergreen everywhere even on the white iron bed. I put a small tree in all the bedrooms. Each room should have a little festive touch and the red toile always looks great with Christmas decorations.
A small tree is added to the quest bedroom. See what a nice glow just one small tree can give a room. My daughter, Amber, was able to find purple beads to work with my color scheme in this room.
You can see the small tree reflected in the window in this picture. A touch of evergreen has been added to the antique dresser and above each window. The little candles are in the windows year round throughout the house. Looks like a cat has been sneaking into this room. They always seem to leave their little paw indentations on the bed. They aren't supposed to be in the guest room but they are just so sneaky.


  1. What a really neat idea to decorate each one of the rooms! Your home looks so beautiful. I'm quite envious. Your master bedroom is just gorgeous with the red toile (I've said that before, I know). Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  2. Hi, thanks for dropping in to visit. I enjoy your folk art style paintings, they are delightful! And I can see why that cute little Episcopalian church in Louisiana, MO appealed to you, it looks like it was cut out from one of your paintings and pasted there!

  3. Thanks Suzi. I enjoyed your blog as well. Catherine


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