Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Using Paint to Decorate Your Home

In a previous post I showed you a verse that I had painted in my kitchen. In this photo which is shot from inside my living room looking through the entrance and into the dining room, you can see a verse that is painted above the doorway. I asked my son, who is great at writing to help me come up with a saying and this is what we came up with: "Like the vines in a vineyard the ties of family grow." This coordinates great with the grapevines that I stenciled in this room. The stencil is available through Royal Design Studios. Click on the photo for a closeup view.
Be creative with your lettering. Here I've painted a verse on the stairway risers leading to my son's room on the third floor. His room is decorated in a beach theme and the verse leads you there.

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