Saturday, October 20, 2007

Decorating With Paint Around The Home

Want to add a little something special to a room that is inexpensive? Paint a verse around the walls near the ceiling. You can type the verse on your computer and enlarge the letters. If you have a banner program you can use that. Find the center of the wall that you are putting the lettering on and mark it with a watercolor pencil or chalk. Lay out your verse and tape it all together. Fold the verse in half to find the center. Tape the center of the verse to the mark on the wall using blue painter's tape. Slide graphite paper (comes in white or black) under the verse and trace with a stylus or empty pen. I use calligraphy strokes with paint, but if you don't have that training you can fill the letters in with flat or round brushes and craft paint. Mine happens to run around the corner of the room, but you can center it on one wall only if you want. Just play around with the size of the lettering to make it fit the area you want. Next time I'll share a photo of some lettering in my living room that is centered over a doorway.
The painted pieces on the shelf are from some of my instructions books. The large painting above the shelf was a gift from my children on Mother's Day a few years ago.
In this corner I've painted a scene from my husband's grandparent's farm in Missouri on this wood clock. The cabinet was a project that I painted for a seminar. There is a verse that I wrote and painted around the border on the door that says, "Enter through the garden gate, where minds can dream, while hands create."

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