Monday, October 15, 2007

Our Trip to Hannibal, MO

And that's about all I have to say about this trip! Just kidding. Isn't this rain suit just a lovely shade of shocking blue? One thing is for sure, people couldn't miss us coming! Rick didn't keep his on long enough for me to get his picture. He did wear the pants though. The weather changed overnight from nice dry weather in the 60's to very wet weather in the 50's.

We somehow managed to avoid all the rain and had a great though chilly trip. Clarksville and Louisiana, MO were my favorite little towns and we hope to return again next year when the weather is better.

I loved this old Episcopal church in Louisiana, MO. I took a picture for future reference for a painting.

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  1. I can just imagine that little church in one of your pieces. How quaint and lovely. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage


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