Monday, October 22, 2007

Christmas in Fox Creek Village

This painting has a lot more detail than the others that I usually sell on eBay. I got a little carried away and had a great time painting it! Simply click on the above title to go directly to this auction.

The Christmas decorating committee have outdone themselves this year in the Village of Fox Creek. Everyone including the surrounding community have decked the halls, houses, bridges, etc. with evergreen boughs, wreaths, and bright red ribbons. A large wreath on each end of the covered bridge invites people into the village. Families, tired from shopping, have stopped in at Jake's Fine Dining. You can see the silhouettes of customers through the windows. Next door at the "Knit Wit Yarn Shoppe", students have gone home after an evening knitting and socializing. Note the large knitting needles and yarn attached to the top of the sign. Guests at Fox Creek Inn are enjoying hot apple cider and cookies before a roaring fire. Outside streetlights create a warm glow as a couple pass arm in arm over the bridge. A snowman behind the village waves happily with his red mittens.

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