Thursday, February 7, 2013

Winter Folk Art Painting

Remember in a previous post that I mentioned an older painting that I had done on a round tray and how I wanted to paint it on a canvas?  I started it before Christmas and have finally gotten back to it.  I'll share a couple photos of the stages that it's going through.
This is my least favorite stage of a painting.  It doesn't look like much, but I have to get through this point to get to the fun part.

Life in general is kind of like that too don't you think?  We can't start at the top.  Every year I go through this with my artwork.  It seems like I've been working on the basics for years and slowly and painstakingly working my way up.  So, each year I have to reassess where I am and set goals.  That's what I've been doing and why I haven't been blogging much lately.  

I'm now at the fun part of the painting and will be making some changes here and there to make it fit the canvas.  Which is much like making some changes to my business and making it fit into my life at this stage of the game.  I'm ready for new challenges how about you?  

Below is the original painting that I did on a tray years ago.  This painting, Home For the Holidays, was on the front cover of my Christmas instruction book several years ago.  I'll keep you posted on how this painting is evolving.

This past weekend was our sweet daughter, Amber's, birthday.  
Happy Birthday sweetie!


  1. She's so cute...hope that she had a marvelous birthday.

    Yes, I do remember your discussing this. I hope that you'll do the wood grained station wagon again. I love that car. And I love the veranda on that Victorian home. Well, I really do love everything you do.

  2. Cathie, what a beautiful painting! I also love the tray you did. Happy Birthday to your daughter also! You are one talented person!!

  3. Hi Catherine, your painting looks beautiful as does the original in the round. Yes, I hear you big time with have to grit your teeth sometimes and work through the parts of the painting that just don't look like much, so you can get to the best part later on when it takes shape.

    Keep creating and I wish you well with your new art goals.


  4. PS...Happy birthday to Amber as well.



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